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Create your free account and start meeting new people in seconds. There is absolutely no forms to fill out. Amoretto knows who you are from your Facebook or Vkontakte identity. We care about your privacy and will never post anything to your Facebook or Vkontacte account.

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Amoretto shows you people around you, who it thinks you might be interested in. Anonymously like or pass on them. Both of you get notified only whenever there is mutual interest.

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Amoretto creates a connection only when you and the other person indicated an interest, so there is never fear of rejection. Once connection has been established you can chat with each other right from the app.

Offline Dating

Get personalize introductions and chat with your matches right form the App. Get cool date ideas, choose the once that you like and go!

  • Hey, John!
    5:39 PM
  • Hi, Kaitlin!
    5:40 PM
  • You look awesome!
    5:40 PM
  • Thanks! )
    5:41 PM
  • The app says that we’re near each other How about a cup of coffee?
    5:42 PM
  • Sure ) Where do you want to meet?
    5:43 PM
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